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Installation normally depends on the system  configuration and is carried out by the user. User is requested to

provide all mounting brackets in advance before oil mist detection system is delivered to the ship and or prior to the

commissioning start up test initiated by service engineer from SPECS.



Following is a fabrication and installation guidance of mounting brackets required for Oil mist detector, Junction

box and RMU(Remote Monitoring Unit). Construction of mounting bracket is illustrated on the working drawing .


Decision of Detector Installed Position:


Each detector must be placed in the air stream as close as possible to the machinery toward room ventilation.

The position, location and required minimum number of detectors are usually determined by ships design engineer

with ship-owner

after full investigation of specific condition of engine room , such as specific mist air stream, dis-equilibrium of

mist content in the air.


User Supply Items:


1. RMU, Detector & JB Mounting Bracket :
The mounting bracket should be fabricated by user and installed at specified location prior to mounting of RMU, detectors and Junction box.


2. Mounting bolts & nuts :
4 bolts and nuts for above each unit should be provided by user for proper
system mounting.
RMU & JB: Bolt (M6 x 20), Lock Nut with Washer (M6)
Detector: Bolt (M5 x 20), Lock Nut with Washer (M5)


3. Power & Signal cable :
24VDC supply with its cable for the RMU main power  should be provided by user.
And cables for RS 485 signal  and 24VDC for each detectors are also supplied by user.
Cable specification : For RMU main power:    2.0sq x1pr. (24VDC power)
                                      For detector & JB signal: 1.0sq x2prs. Shielded (Power & RS485 Signal)


Detector Installation and Cable Connection:


Check the specified intervals of 4 stud bolt holes on the mounting brackets for detectors, RMU and JB.

Refer to  the interval dimension on the  working Drawing attached.


1. Mount the Detectors, RMU and JB on the bracket base with their 4 studs for bolting.
Keep the length of cable that runs to the JB, RMU or detectors is longer than required to enable the RMU, JB or detectors to be
repositioned at a late date if necessary.


2. Every cable between detector and JB, (same JB and RMU) must be pulled enough through designated  cable tray and onduit in orde
to be fully wired to the spot of detector prior to commissioning work.

3. Cable tray and conduit tubes for all cables are required to be pre-installed by userprior to its commissioning work as well.


4. Make all wires to be marked for termination to the terminals in RMU, JB or Detectors and make them connected to the assigned
terminals in RMU, JB and detectors correctly.