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Avoid dirt contamination for your Detector !!


Dirt and dust can contain enough metallic flakes to cause short circuits in electronic equipment.

Under normal operation of OMD, such careless painting, dust cleaning, metal grinding works just beside oil mist

detector will contaminate sensors seriously and the system would run incorrectly.


Safe Operation of Oil Mist Detector


The Oil mist detector is not designed on its principle of operation particularly for mist IR sensors to withstand

excessive amounts of dirt and dust.

And also allowing the equipment to become coated in dirt or dust can cause failure to boot up, and severe damage

to electronic components.

Accordingly for the safe operation of system against dirts or dust, In case that a certain detector’s indication of bar

led is higher than approx. 0.6mg/l even under normal condition with extremely no oil mist, the auto-zero calibration

or further sensors cleaning should be carried out. (Refer to next page for sensor cleaning)


Guide to Oil Mist Sensor Cleaning


The following alarm requires OMD Sensor cleaning:


When green LED for system failure on RMU is off and channel LED of failed detector turns red.


Sensor Cleaning Procedure


See the below pictures.


1. Open the detector back cover same as above item 1,2,3.

2. Remove the gan grom the sensor unit.

3. Blow instrument air(0.1kg/cm2)in to sensor unit. and clean 3 windows of sensor by cotton tip or clean cloth(equivalent cloth for glasses)

4. During this work, please do not scratch to 3 windows of sensor.
If did, sensor elements may be deteriorated permanently.

5. Auto zero function
Set detector to aero by auto zero function